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Here you can find questions that are frequently being asked. If you still haven't found what you are looking for please reach out to our engineering team and we will help you out, you find the email here:

How do I get started with the API?


Epidemic Sound Connect API is currently in a closed beta stage. We are currently testing integration with select few video editing apps provider. Please reach out to us at if you any questions/enquiries.

How do I get track details?

Track details could be received either by searching for the tracks using /tracks endpoint or by listing existing collections /collections or collection details /collections/{collection_id} respectively.

How does the Free Tier work?

You are able to offer Free Tier content to your users as long as you agree to our API Terms of Service and include Epidemic Sound brand & artist attribution clearly in your app.

Can I choose which music I get?

Yes, you can choose which collections will be exposed in your app from a selection of more than 100 professionally curated & maintained themes.

Can I cache collections and track metadata?

Even though it is possible to cache metadata we don’t allow you to do that. If you want more information you can read more about it in our Acceptable Use Policy.

What can users do with their soundtracked content?

With Free Tier music, users are granted a personal user license allowing them to post anywhere online. Users with an active paid Epidemic Sound subscription connected to your app through ES Connect receive a commercial user license which allows them to monetize their content and use their content for advertising and promotion.

What is a collection and how is it curated?

Collections are a group of tracks representing moods (epic, happy, dreamy), themes (top 40, travel, workout), and events (Halloween, Diwali, Christmas).

Collections are updated regularly by Epidemic’s curation team and delivered dynamically via the API.

Collections help you build a best-in-class music discovery experience by letting Partners select the Collections they want to be exposed in-app via API Admin Interface.

Which formats of audio files are supported?

Currently API supports low and high quality MP3 files and adaptive HLS Streaming.

Read more about it under Tracks.

Where do we get the User Token?

The user id should be an anonymized version of the user id from your side. You can simply use a one way hashing function to generate it.

What is the User Tokens Time to Live?

The User Token is currently valid for 60 minutes, like the Partner Token. The expiration time is available in the "exp" claim of the JWT token, but you can also request a new one when your requests fail due to the token having expired.

However, the expiration time of the Partner token isn’t bound to the User Token issued using it. So when the Partner Token expires, all the User tokens will remain valid until their own expiration time. It is recommended to cache Partner Tokens in your backend and not store or send partner authentication credentials from the app directly if possible.

Test out your Production credentials in our Production swagger: