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Download sound effect

GET /v0/sound-effects/:trackId/download

The download endpoint allows you to download an MP3 file of the sound effect.

We offer MP3 files in two qualities; normal (128kbps) and high (320kbps).

The high quality files can be used in content when needed, but normal quality is sufficient for most use cases.

The download links expire after 24 hours (normal quality) or 1 hour (high quality files). The expiration time is stated in the response.

Path Parameters
  • trackId string required

    Track id

Query Parameters
  • format string

    Possible values: [mp3]

    Track format

  • quality string

    Possible values: [normal, high]

    Default value: normal

    Track quality, normal is used as the default if not specified


Information about download url

  • url string required
  • expires string required