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Report events to Epidemic Sound

POST /v0/analytics/report

This endpoint should be used when you want to report events to Epidemic Sound. We currently support the following events: trackPreviewed, trackDownloaded and tracksExported. Note that the limit for number of events per request is limited to 100. Also note that for events containing the field trackIds, the limit for number of trackIds per event is 50. Events may not contain a timestamp older than 7 days ago.

Request Body

Analytics report

  • events object[] required
  • Array [
  • userId string
  • timestamp date-time
  • userConnected boolean nullable
  • analyticsEvent object
  • oneOf
  • trackId string
  • type string

    Possible values: [trackPreviewed]

  • ]

Usage report response

  • batchId string required
  • eventsCount int32 required